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soupcon/['su:psʊŋ]/ n. 细微的痕迹, 少许, 些微, 点滴暗示...

听美剧学英语《老友记第四季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 12

[00:14.01]What the hell is that?! 谁在鬼叫?
[00:19.45]What the hell is that? Is that you? 谁在鬼叫?是你吗?
[00:29.36]-You're really not a morning person. -Just back off! 你清晨的火气还真大 滚远一点
[00:35.16]Get up! Get up! Get up! 起来!…
[00:42.44]What is that noise? 那是什么声音?
[00:44.87]You! 是你的敲门声!
[00:48.64]It's the chick. 是小鸡啦
[00:50.95]She's going through some changes. 它正历经过度时期
[00:54.28]What kind of changes? 什么过度时期?
[00:55.98]The vet seems to think... 兽医认为…
[00:58.19]...she's becoming a rooster. 咱们的小母鸡要长大成公鸡了
[01:03.02]We're getting a second opinion. 我们打算再问问别的兽医
[01:07.20]The One With the Embryos 本集播出:公寓大搬风
[00:00.00] by: 更多电影原声MP3尽在大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com apple
[01:56.24]Why are you shopping at 8 in the morning? 你干嘛清晨八点去血拼?
[01:58.95]I've been up since 6... 我六点钟就起床了
[02:00.68]...thanks to somebody's dumb-ass rooster. 都是被某人的笨公鸡害的
[02:04.19]You should get rid of those animals. They shouldn't be in an apartment. 你们应该把它们处理掉 它们不应该窝在公寓里
[02:08.59]Especially not with these knives and cookbooks around. 是啊,特别是这里 又有那么多刀和食谱
[02:14.06]I'm going to the doctor and see if I'm ready... 我要去看妇产科医生
[02:17.13]...to have Frank and Alice's embryo transferred into my uterus. 看看能不能把法兰克和艾莉丝的胚胎 移植到我的子宫里去
[02:22.80]How will they know? 他们怎么知道你准备好了没?
[02:24.64]They'll just see if my endometrial layer is thick. 他们要看看我的子宫内膜 是不是已经增厚了
[02:28.18]I can check that for you. 我帮你看就好了
[02:31.55]Okay,think "thick." 各位,帮我的子宫内膜加油吧
[02:33.31]Good luck! 祝你好运
[02:36.45]Wish me luck. 快祝我幸运
[02:37.72]Good luck. 祝你好运
[02:39.45]-I'm still right. -That is so not true. 我说得没错啦 鬼扯
[02:44.33]I know it's her laundry day... 她不爽是因为我知道 她今天要洗衣服
[02:46.90]...and that means she's wearing her old-lady underpants. 所以现在穿的是老奶奶大内裤
[02:51.93]I can check that for you. 要不要我检查一下?
[02:55.14]You two think you know me and Rachel... 你们凭什么认为 比瑞秋和我...
[02:57.77]...better than we know you. ...更了解我们?
[03:00.28]Well,we do. 本来就是
[03:03.01]You can only eat Tic Tacs in even numbers. 你吃薄荷糖时一定要吃偶数
[03:06.28]What's that about? 你有什么毛病啊?
[03:08.78]And you! Ross,if you check Rachel's bag... 而你嘛… 罗斯,你去搜搜瑞秋的购物袋
[03:12.05]...you'll find a half-eaten box of cookies in there. 里面一定有一盒 吃了一半的饼干
[03:18.99]You're good. 高明
[03:22.00]These are not. 这包饼干就不怎么高明了
[03:24.27]I'm so not impressed. Everybody snacks when they shop. 有什么了不起 哪有人买东西时不吃零嘴?
[03:27.94]Ross,how many items left in that bag? 是吗?罗斯,购物袋里 还有几样东西?
[03:31.14]Five. 五样
[03:32.51]Okay,10 bucks says we can name every item in that bag. 赌十块,我们能说出 那五样东西是什么
[03:37.88]-How many guesses? -Six. 你们能猜几次? 六次
[03:40.62]Challenge extended. 男生队下战书
[03:44.09]-Deal! -Challenge accepted. 赌就赌 女生队接受挑战
[03:48.46]All right,we'll start with... 第一样是…
[03:51.39]...apples. ...苹果
[03:52.66]We'll be starting with apples. 我们就从苹果开始
[03:57.77]Stop that now. 拜托你住嘴
[04:01.67]Yes. 有苹果
[04:02.94]Okay. Tortilla chips. 玉米片
[04:05.44]-Yogurt. -Diet soda. 优格 健怡汽水
[04:11.65]-Orange juice. -There's no orange juice! We win! 柳橙汁 我没买柳橙汁,我们赢了!
[04:15.55]They have another guess. 等等,他们还能再猜一次
[04:18.35]Well,we won that one. 但是那题我们赢了
[04:21.29]Okay. The last thing is 最后一样东西是…
[04:27.53]Not for another two weeks. 不是…还要等两周
[04:33.53]I got it. 我知道了
[04:34.70]Scotch... 胶…
[04:36.10]...tape. 带
[04:42.74]How did you know she would buy Scotch tape? 你怎么知道她会买胶带?
[04:45.45]We used up theirs last night making scary faces. 我们昨晚玩扮鬼脸时 把她们的胶带用光了
[04:50.02]Oh,man! 讨厌
[04:51.42]All right! Ten bucks. Fork it over. 十块钱,愿赌服输
[04:54.32]Cough it up. Pay the piper. 甘愿点
[04:58.03]Give me it! 拿钱来
[05:00.36]You don't know us better. I want a rematch. 这没什么了不起 我要再比一次
[05:03.33]And no stupid grocery questions. Real,personal questions. 猜杂货没挑战性 这次要问切身问题
[05:06.83]And the winner gets $100. 赌一百块
[05:09.84]-Serious? -Are you scared? 你当真? 怕了?
[05:14.78]No. 才怪
[05:17.55]Who makes up the questions? 谁出考题?
[05:19.68]Ross will do it. 罗斯
[05:22.15]Sure,Ross will do it. 是啊,找罗斯
[05:24.09]It's not like he has a job or a child or a life of his own. 反正他没工作,没儿子 生活又无聊
[05:28.29]-Fine. We'll ask Phoebe. -No,I want to play. 好嘛,那找菲比好了 不要,人家想玩嘛
[05:37.13]Looks like your uterus is ready for implantation. 你的子宫可以做胚胎移植了
[05:40.27]I knew it! I felt really thick this morning. 我就知道 我今天早上就觉得厚厚的
[05:44.24]Okay,so what's now? Go get the eggs. Put them in there. 现在怎么办? 快去把卵子放进去
[05:48.51]It'll take a little while to prepare the embryos. 我要花点时间准备那些胚胎
[05:52.11]-Embryos? As in more than one? -Five,actually. 那些胚胎?不只一个? 事实上,一共有五个
[05:56.35]Where am I giving birth... 五个?
[05:58.55]...in a hospital or a big box under the stairs? 你把我当母猪啊?
[06:01.72]Doing five gives you a 25% chance that at least one will attach. 植入五个胚胎 表示着床机率大概是25%
[06:06.56]That's it? 25%? 25%?这么少?
[06:08.63]That means that it's,like, 75% chance of no baby at all? 这表示我生不出小孩的机率 是75%?
[06:12.60]I was thinking, what are the odds... 那如果两百个胚胎进去
[06:15.04]...if you stuff 200 of them in there? 机率会不会高一点?
[06:19.21]Sweetie,now... 亲爱的,
[06:20.78]...she's a woman, not a gumball machine. 她是个女人 不是卖泡泡糖的机器
[06:26.38]Don't worry. I'll do this as many times as it takes to get it right. 别担心 我会一直做到成功为止
[06:31.49]The thing is,we kind of only have one shot. 但是我们只有一次机会
[06:35.79]It costs $16,000 each time you do this. 做一次移植要花一万六千块
[06:39.56]Sixteen thousand dollars?! 一万六千块?
[06:42.20]Well,it's 20 in California. 我们已经比加州便宜了
[06:47.17]We're kind of using all the money we have to do it this one time. 我们为了这一次 已经花光所有的积蓄
[06:54.08]Okay,that's a lot of pressure on me and my uterus. 天啊,这让我和我的子宫 压力超大
[06:59.31]Maybe there's something I can do to make sure I get pregnant. 也许我能做些什么事 来提高怀孕的机率
[07:04.42]No,I'm sorry. 没有
[07:06.02]Wow,you guys really don't know anything. 你们真是啥都不懂
[07:10.06]Why don't you get drunk? It worked for a bunch of girls in my high school. 那她喝个烂醉如何? 我很多高中同学 都是这样搞大肚子的
[07:22.07]-So how's the test coming? -Hey,you're touching the game board. 问题准备得如何? 别乱动
[07:26.94]Sorry. 抱歉啦
[07:28.74]You freak. 怪胎
[07:34.75]Do you realize that any minute now... 你们知道菲比现在
[07:36.98]...Phoebe could be pregnant? 随时可能会怀孕吗?
[07:38.75]I know,I know. 我知道…
[07:41.06]It's such a huge, life-altering thing. 这件事真是非同小可 是啊
[07:45.96]The test is ready. 考题准备好了
[07:51.00]Okay. Each team will answer 10 questions. 每一队都要回答十个问题
[07:54.77]The first team to answer the most questions wins. 答对最多的那一队就赢
[07:58.81]The categories are "Fears and Pet Peeves"... 考题项目如下… “恐惧和怪癖”
[08:02.58]..."Ancient History"... “陈年往事”
[08:04.48]..."Literature"... “文学”
[08:06.28]...and "It's all Relative." 和“日常琐事”
[08:11.69]...the coin toss, to see who goes first. 我们丢硬币来决定哪一队先攻
[08:23.93]Somebody call it this time. 拜托你们先猜哪一面
[08:27.77]Tails! 字
[08:29.54]It's heads. 是人头
[08:32.67]Gentlemen,pick your category. 男生队,请挑项目
[08:35.38]"Fears and Pet Peeves." “恐惧和怪癖”
[08:38.21]"What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?" 摩妮卡最受不了什么?
[08:41.68]-Animals dressed as humans. -Correct. 动物穿衣服 答对了
[08:46.55]-Ladies? -Same category. 女生队? 同一个项目
[08:50.53]"According to Chandler,what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him?" 钱德最怕什么东西?
[08:56.50]Michael Flatley,Lord of the Dance! 踢踏舞之王麦克费特利
[09:00.74]That is correct. 答对了
[09:04.37]The lrish jig guy? 那个跳舞的爱尔兰人?
[09:06.94]His legs flail about as if independent from his body! 他那双脚跳舞时 好像跟身体分离了一样
[09:12.65]Gentlemen,your pick. 男生队,轮到你们了
[09:14.25]"It's all Relative." “日常琐事”
[09:16.55]"Monica and I had a grandmother who died. 摩妮卡和我的祖母过世时
[09:19.39]You both went to her funeral. 两位都参加了她的葬礼
[09:21.96]Name that grandmother." 我们祖母叫什么名字?
[09:26.56]-Nana? -She has a real name. 姥姥? 她有个真正的名字吧
[09:30.30]Althea! 艾席雅
[09:31.60]-What? -I took a shot! 什么? 试试看嘛
[09:33.13]With Althea? 那干嘛猜艾席雅?
[09:34.37]-Althea is correct. -Nice shooting! 答对了 猜得好
[09:40.51]"Literature." “文学”
[09:42.41]"Every week the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey's apartment. 乔伊和钱德 每周都会收到“电视周刊”
[09:47.25]What name appears on the address label?" 请问收件人的姓名为何?
[09:50.55]Chandler gets it! It's Chandler Bing! 钱德订的,当然是钱德宾罗
[09:54.19]I'm afraid the TV Guide comes to "Chanandler Bong." 不是啦 “电视周刊”收件人的姓名 是“钱尼德勒邦”
[10:01.43]I knew that! 我知道正确答案
[10:03.10]Rachel,use your head! 瑞秋,用用脑子行不行?
[10:06.60]Actually,it's Ms. Chanandler Bong. 事实上 应该是“钱尼德勒邦小姐”
[10:17.01]Hello,teeny embryos. 嗨,各位小胚胎
[10:20.85]I'm Phoebe Buffay. Hi! 我是菲比
[10:24.62]I'm hoping to be your uterus for the next nine months. 我的子宫 就是各位未来九个月的家
[10:29.52]We're doing this for Frank and Alice... 我们这么做 都是为了法兰克和艾莉丝
[10:31.96]...who you know. You've been there. 你们跟他们应该很熟
[10:37.60]They want you so much. 他们真的很希望能有个小宝宝
[10:39.47]So when you guys get in there, really grab on. 你们进去之后好好抓紧
[10:43.77]And I promise that I'll keep you safe and warm... 我保证会让你们 住得又舒服又安全
[10:47.24]...until you're ready to have them take you home. 直到你们准备好 让他们带你们回家为止
[10:55.65]Next time you see me, if I'm screaming,don't worry. 咱们下次见面时 我应该会鸡猫子喊叫
[10:59.49]That's what's supposed to happen. 请别担心,这是很正常的
[11:03.72]Ready? 准备好了吗?
[11:06.29]Good luck! 祝好运
[11:09.73]The score is nine to eight in favor of the guys. 目前比数是九比八 男生队领先
[11:13.27]Ladies,if you miss this, the game is theirs. Pick a category. 女生队若答错这题 男生队就赢了 选一个项目吧
[11:17.14]"It's all Relative"! “日常琐事”
[11:20.61]-You don't have to shout everything. -I'm sorry! 犯不着拉直嗓子吼 对不起!
[11:27.48]"What is the name of Chandler's father's... 钱德父亲在赌城的男子歌舞秀
[11:30.58]...Las Vegas all-male burlesque?" 叫做什么名字?
[11:34.26]Viva Las Gaygas! “同志万岁”
[11:38.83]Unfortunately,that is correct. 很不幸的…你答对了
[11:42.86]All right. We have a tie. 目前双方平手
[11:45.70]Luckily,I've prepared for such an event. 不过我早有准备了
[11:51.31]The lightning round! 抢答
[11:56.14]Thirty seconds. All the questions you can answer. 双方各有30秒抢答
[12:00.01]You guys are dead! 你们输定了
[12:02.05]I am so good at lightning rounds! 我超会抢答
[12:06.32]I majored in lightning rounds, all right? 我大学是主修抢答的
[12:09.09]We'll destroy you. 你们才输定了
[12:10.56]Want to bet? 敢不敢赌?
[12:12.09]I'm so confused as to what we've been doing so far. 怪了,我们这不正是在赌吗?
[12:16.83]How about we play for more money? Say 150? 把赌注提高到… 150块如何?
[12:20.10]One hundred and fifty dollars. 150块
[12:24.41]Say 200? 200块如何?
[12:26.54]Two hundred dollars! 200块
[12:29.34]You're doing it again. 你又来了
[12:30.78]Excuse me. 不好意思
[12:33.18]-I don't want to lose $200. -We won't. 我不想输200块 我们不会输的
[12:36.05]Three hundred? 300块如何? 摩妮卡
[12:39.19]I'm spicing it up! 我只是想让比赛更香辣有劲
[12:40.76]So play for some pepper! Stop spending my money. 赌辣椒行不行? 别再乱花我的钱了
[12:45.63]I got it! 我有了
[12:46.93]If we win,they have to get rid of the rooster. 我们赢的话 他们就得处理掉那只公鸡
[12:50.60]That's interesting! 有意思
[12:52.73]-No way! That rooster's family. -The duck too! 不行,公鸡和我们是一家人 还有那只鸭
[12:55.87]The duck doesn't make noise! 干嘛扯上那只鸭?它又不乱叫
[12:58.07]He gets the other one all riled up! 那只鸡被它搞得心浮气躁
[13:00.88]-We are not -All right,hold on! 听着,我们绝不… 等等
[13:05.45]If you win... 你们赢的话
[13:07.08]...we give up the bird. 我们就处理掉那只公鸡
[13:11.89]But if we win... 我们赢的话…
[13:13.92]...we get your apartment. 就把你们的公寓让给我们
[13:19.19]-Deal! -What? 成交 什么?
[13:23.20]That's crazy. There's no way we are betting the apartment. 这太扯了,我绝不拿公寓来赌
[13:31.04]All right,I'm in. Because either he goes,or I'm buying a coyote. 好,我赌了! 那只鸡不走我就要买只狼
[13:47.86]Betting the apartment? I don't know about this. 拿公寓来赌好像不太稳当
[13:50.99]I have not missed one question the whole game. I own this game! 瑞秋,我从头到尾 一题都没答错 我会赢的!
[13:54.53]-Look at my hand. -You have the answers written there? 看我的手 你手上有写小抄吗?
[13:59.30]No. Steady as a rock. Now,are you with me? 不是啦,我的手稳得很 你还不放心吗?
[14:03.80]All right,let's do it! 咱们上阵吧 这样才对
[14:06.97]All right. Gentlemen,you're up first. 男生队先攻
[14:09.81]You have 30 seconds. 限时抢答30秒
[14:13.35]The lightning round begins 抢答阶段要开始了…
[14:15.75]Stop it! 不准跳
[14:19.19]"Monica's nickname when she was a hockey goalie?" 摩妮卡当曲棍球队 守门员的外号为何?
[14:22.49]-Big Fat Goalie. -Correct! 胖球门 正确
[14:26.99]"Rachel claims it's her favorite movie." 瑞秋宣称 她最喜欢的电影为何?
[14:29.66]Dangerous Liaisons. “危险关系”
[14:31.30]-"Her actual favorite is...?" -Weekend at Bernie's. 她真正喜欢的电影是哪一部? “玩死老弟”
[14:36.00]"In what part of her body did Monica get a pencil stuck at age 14?" 摩妮卡14岁时 身上哪个部位卡了一枝铅笔?
[14:44.31]No! 恶…
[14:48.02]Her ear! 是她的耳朵
[14:52.35]"Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?" 摩妮卡的毛巾都分门别类 一共分为几类?
[14:56.82]-Everyday use. -Fancy. 日常用毛巾 高级毛巾
[14:58.09]-Guest. -Fancy guest. 客用毛巾 高级客用毛巾
[14:59.76]-Two seconds. -Eleven? 还剩两秒钟 11类?
[15:02.86]Unbelievable! Eleven is correct! 不可思议,答对了
[15:09.17]All right. 太好了…
[15:10.37]That's four for the guys. Ladies,you're up! 男生队答对四题 现在轮女生队抢答
[15:18.48]Thirty seconds on the clock. 限时抢答30秒
[15:20.68]Five correct questions wins the game. 答对五题你们就赢了
[15:23.68]The lightning round begins now. "Joey's favorite food?" 抢答开始 乔伊最喜欢的食物为何?
[15:27.29]-Sandwiches! -Correct. 三明治 正确
[15:28.99]"Chandler was how old when he first touched a girl's breast?" 钱德第一次 摸女生胸部是几岁?
[15:31.66]-14? -No,19. 14岁? 不,19
[15:33.16]Thanks,man. 谢了,老哥
[15:35.03]"Joey had an imaginary childhood friend. 乔伊小时有个幻想中的朋友
[15:37.67]-His name was...?" -Maurice! 他的名字叫… 莫瑞斯
[15:39.30]-"His profession was...?" -Space cowboy! 正确,他的职业是… 太空牛仔
[15:43.70]"What is Chandler Bing's job?" 钱德宾的工作为何?
[15:49.98]It has something to do with numbers! 跟数字有关
[15:52.41]-And processing! -He carries a briefcase. 还有处理 他上班带公事包
[15:54.82]Ten seconds. You need this or you lose. 剩10秒钟,答错就输了
[15:57.38]Something to do with transponding. 跟答询有关
[15:59.85]He's a transponster! 他是答询员
[16:04.43]That's not even a word! 哪有这种字?
[16:07.90]I can get this! I can get this! 我知道…
[16:11.87]不… 爽…
[16:27.21]-I call Monica's room. -You can't just call Monica's room. 我要摩妮卡的房间 这哪是你说要就要的
[16:31.02]Sure I can. Standard shotgun rules. 哪不是,先下手为强
[16:33.19]I'm in sight of the room and I called it. 谁叫你不先要
[16:37.52]Damn! (可恶)
[16:39.76]I feel like I'm coming down with something. 我好像要生病了
[16:43.93]Guess the color of my tonsils. I bet the apartment! 要不要猜猜我的扁桃腺 是什么颜色? 用公寓来赌
[16:47.10]I would never bet this place. It's too nice. 我才不会拿 这么棒的公寓来赌呢
[16:53.31]Are they in there? 菲比,你肚子里有东西了吗?
[16:54.64]Yeah,I'm implanted. 对,胚胎放进去了
[16:56.94]-How do you feel? -Well,freaked. 你觉得怎么样? 担心死了
[17:01.32]It turns out the odds are really sucky. 成功的机率不高
[17:04.28]And this is Frank and Alice's only shot. 但法兰克和艾莉丝 只有这次机会
[17:07.19]They are literally putting all their eggs in my basket. 他们把所有的蛋 都放在我的篮子里
[17:12.66]But I bet it works. 我相信你一定会成功
[17:14.19]Really? How much? 是吗?你要赌多少?
[17:18.23]I'm going to take a pregnancy test now. 我现在就去验孕
[17:21.14]Wow! You can tell this soon? 这么快?
[17:23.24]The doctor says it takes a few days. 医生说要等两天
[17:25.81]But my body's always been a little faster than Western medicine. 但是我的身体 一向比西方医学快一点
[17:33.68]I can't believe you guys think you're moving in here. 天啊 你们真以为能搬进来?
[17:37.38]Well,believe it,baby! 面对现实吧,宝贝
[17:41.06]-Well,I'm not moving. -What? 我不走 什么?
[17:44.79]No. It was a stupid bet. We were just playing a game. 那不过是场愚蠢的赌局 玩玩罢了
[17:48.46]You can't ignore the bet. It's a bet! 赌就赌了,哪能不算
[17:50.83]Bet on a bet and if you lose,you lose the bet. 赌输就是输了
[17:54.94]We have to move. 我们非搬不可
[17:56.24]We would have made them get rid of the birds. 若我们赢了 也会逼他们把鸡鸭处理掉
[18:03.61]I hate this as much as you, but if it makes you feel better... 我也不想这样 但说句安慰你的话…
[18:07.95]...this is all your fault. 这全都是你的错
[18:11.32]What? 什么?
[18:12.49]Chanandler Bong! We steal that TV Guide every week! 我们每周都偷他们的电视周刊 你怎么会不知道收件人是谁?
[18:16.46]I knew it! 我就知道
[18:19.46]I don't care. I'm not going anywhere. 我不管,我不走
[18:21.93]Cool! Girl roommate. 酷啊,跟女生做室友
[18:27.80]Well? 怎么样?
[18:29.37]Nope,not knocked up yet. 我的肚子还没被搞大
[18:32.11]It's only been a couple hours. 才过两个小时耶,耐心点
[18:34.37]Meanwhile,I'll do whatever I can to help this. 我也要为这件事尽一份力
[18:38.38]I'm just going to,you know, lie in your chair,okay? 让我躺在你们的椅子上
[18:44.02]Good. I'm going to let gravity do its job. 让地心引力发挥作用
[18:48.39]I won't get in the way. 我不会碍事的
[18:49.89]It'll be just like that time I tried to count all the bumps on your ceiling. 就像我那次躺在这里 数天花板上的虫子一样
[18:55.33]You know,Pheebs,if you sit there long enough,you'll be sitting in our apartment. 菲比,你若坐得够久 这里就会变成我们的公寓
[19:00.67]I can't believe this. 我真不敢相信
[19:02.30]Oh,Rach,FYl: Your new apartment hasn't had hot water since Christmas. 瑞秋,有件事忘了告诉你 你那间新公寓 自圣诞节后就没热水了
[19:10.94]Can you give me a hand? 瑞秋,过来帮我搬这个箱子
[19:13.31]Put that box down! We are not going anywhere! 不,把箱子放下来 我们哪儿都不去
[19:18.02]This is my apartment and I like it! 这是我的公寓,我喜欢它
[19:21.02]This is a girl's apartment! 这是女生的公寓
[19:23.42]That is a boy's apartment! It's dirty and it smells! 那里才是又脏又臭的男生公寓
[19:28.00]This is pretty! It's so pretty! 这里漂亮死了…
[19:31.13]And look,it's purple! 看,墙壁是紫的
[19:33.60]I tell you,you with your steady hand,I am not moving. 稳若磐石小姐,我不搬
[19:37.20]And now I have got the steady hand. 看,我的手也稳若磐石
[19:42.54]Okay,okay. 好…
[19:47.41]-I'll take care of it. -That's right. 我去搞定 这才乖
[19:49.52]You do what the hand says! 照我手的话去做
[20:03.66]-How'd it go? -I lost our mattresses. 情况如何? 我把床垫输掉了
[20:11.37]Are you in there,little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us? 小胎儿,你在里面吗? 九个月后是否就能够相见?
[20:17.88]I will buy you some Adidas 我会帮你买阿迪达斯
[20:28.09]We were just at the drugstore so we got you a little present. 我们刚刚去过药妆店 帮你买了个小礼物
[20:33.09]That's where all my blood was. 天啊,脑充血
[20:36.00]It's a lollipop and a home pregnancy test. 棒棒糖和验孕棒
[20:41.37]Don't mix those up. You could really ruin that lollipop. 别搞混了,棒棒糖沾尿很恶心
[20:49.04]You feel like taking a test? There's only one question. 想不想验一下?一次定生死
[20:55.48]All right. I will. 我验就是了
[20:57.72]Remember that it's still really early. 别忘了,现在还早
[21:00.52]If it says I'm not pregnant,that doesn't mean I won't get pregnant. 若结果是阴性 不表示我不会怀孕
[21:05.59]Just so I don't go completely nuts... 拜托你们别寄望太高
[21:08.60]...try not to put all your hopes on this. 否则会把我逼疯的
[21:15.67]Great. 好极了
[21:25.25]You are mean boys who are just being mean! 你们真是坏到骨子里去了
[21:29.25]Don't get mad! No one forced you to raise the stakes. 别把气出在我们身上 没人逼你们把公寓拿来赌
[21:32.69]That is not true! She forced me! 乱讲,她有逼我
[21:35.42]You got the question wrong. 答错的人是你啊
[21:38.19]It was a stupid,unfair question! 那个问题太不公平了
[21:40.66]Don't blame the questions! 别怪我出的问题
[21:42.50]Stop yelling in our apartment! You are ruining moving day for us. 别在我们家大吵大闹 扫了我们的搬家兴
[21:47.07]-Stop calling it your apartment! -lt is! 别说这里是你们家 本来就是
[21:52.37]You're going to have a baby. They're going to have a baby! 你们要有宝宝了 他们要有宝宝了
[22:02.58]My sister's going to have my baby! 我姐姐要帮我生小孩了
[22:14.49]Okay,but this can't be good for the baby. 别抱了,这对宝宝不好
[22:29.44]I can't find garbage bags. 我找不到垃圾袋
[22:31.75]I think I saw some in here. 这里面好像有
[22:38.72]What is it? 什么东西?
[22:40.95]I don't know. But maybe if we keep that drawer shut,it'll die. 不知道,要是把抽屉关上 它也许会死
[22:46.39]I can't believe we're living here! 真不敢相信我们得住在这里
[22:54.90]What is it? 什么事?
[22:56.34]Did you see the size of the closets? 你知道衣橱有多大吗?
[23:00.01]I can't believe we live here! 不敢相信咱们可以住在这里
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